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SafariTabs 0.6.5

SafariTabs 0.6.5

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SafariTabs Editor's Review

SafariTabs is a simple SIMBL plugin that gives you a warning when you have multiple tabs opened in Safari and you want to close the browser.

The SIMBL is a requirement, so if you would like to try SafariTabs, then you need to install SIMBL first. After you set up SIMBL, the installation of this plugin is very easy. You can either use the /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins directory if you would like to use SafariTabs for all users, or you can place the plugin in the Library directory that's placed into your home directory, ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins.

If everything is set up correctly, then the plugin should work without any issue. If you want to stop using this plugin, all you have to do is to trash the plugin file.

Pluses: it improves the usability of the Safari browser.

Drawbacks / flaws: it requires a 3rd party product in order to work. Even though the requirement is a good piece of software, a 3rd party product isn't the happiest option.

In conclusion: this plugin is a very useful one. Closing accidentally multiple tabs while browsing can be pretty frustrating in certain situations.

version reviewed: 0.3.1

SafariTabs Publisher's Description

SafariTabs is a simple Safari plugin which extends Safari's current tab features.

SafariTabs' main feature is presenting a warning message when attempting to close a browser window with multiple tabs open. SafariTabs also allows you to choose what page newly created tabs load.

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